Hello Brothers!!!!

The last few weeks I’ve been “traveling” around our district and elsewhere.  On February 21 I attended table lodge at Goose River Lodge No. 19 in Mayville.  What a fun time and the prime rib was excellent.  Compliments to Mr. Murphy and the other cooks.  The fellowship was lively and the stories were awesome.  Two days later I attend Cavalier’s Table Lodge with the RW Deputy Grand Master Mark Williamson and RW Junior Grand Warder Lowell Domier.  Our Cavalier brothers did a wonderful fish fry.  Twenty-five of our Canadian brothers came down from Winnipeg and fun was had by all.  I do believe it was Cavalier’s 79th table lodge with our Canadian brothers.  If you haven’t attend this event, you need to put it on your calendar for next year.

February 28th I enjoyed lodge with the brothers from North Star Lodge No. 16 in Larimore.  They have many activities  coming up.  The are having a family fun fishing day coming soon.  Larimore also hosted a Lady’s at the table in Northwood and it was well attended by brothers and their wives from all the lodges in our district.  Thanks brothers for a great time.

On Thursday, March 2 I traveled to Malta Lodge No. 131 in Grand Forks and the brothers put on the FC degree.  It was well done.  Thanks for the food and fellowship.

One upcoming event is the one day class this Saturday, March 11 in Grand Forks at the masonic temple starting at 8 am.

Masonry is alive and well.


Chad Kainz  DDGM