Just a few notes on what is going on in District 1 and how the year has been going for me.   After last years wet and terrible fall. I got a late start traveling around, First event I got to was our International Past Masters night at Lebanon Lodge #34.  It was a great night with many Past Masters and Past Grand Masters and current Grand Masters from Canada MWGM Stan Barclay and MWGM Roger Stout. The best we could figure it was the 81st International Past Masters night. If you want to mark it in your calendar for next year.  It always falls on the 2nd Monday in December which will be Dec 11 2017.  I was part of the welcoming committee and I was shocked to not see Bro. Ray Jensen from Tongue River  #22.   To find out a short time after he had cancer and had passed.  So we rallied up the Bros. and had a Great Masonic Service at the Mountain Community center in Ray’s home town of Mountain ND.   We did raise four new Master Masons at Lebanon # 34 in December as well.  January flew by as well.  However myself and two other brothers made it down to Larimore at North Star #16 for their Table Lodge.  The Oyster Stew ,chili, and brotherhood was phenomenal.  There was also this talk about a Koala bear, but we will save that story for another time!  In February the highlight for our District will be the Cavalier Table Lodge.  This Table Lodge will take place at Tongue River #22 on February 23 at 6:30pm   I will toot Tongue Rivers horn!  It is a great time with the best walleye and fixings around!  It is  also a great time to check in with many Canadian Bros as they come down to join in on this awesome feast and fellowship!