Grand Master Roger Stout
Mount Moriah Dedication
Grand Lodge at Mt Moriah
West Gate 125 Parade
West Gate Degree
Grand Lodge Dinner

The Grand Lodge calendar is based on information submitted to the Grand Lodge by the lodge or other groups conducting the event listed.

Grand Lodge Calendar

The Lodge Locator will help you find out when the Masonic Lodges in North Dakota hold their Stated Meetings.

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The North Dakota Mason Magazine

In order to become a Shriner, a man must first be a Master Mason. The fraternity of Freemasonry is the oldest, largest and most widely known fraternity in the world. It dates back hundreds of years to a time when stonemasons and other craftsmen on building projects gathered in shelter houses, or lodges. Over the years formal Masonic lodges emerged, with members bound together not by trade, but by their desire to be fraternal brothers.

Grand Master

Mark Williamson

Deputy Grand Master

Grand Secretary

Lon Kvasager

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